9 critical mistakes most web designers make.

Hi all,

Today I am going to talk a little bit about what it means to have a Highly Effective website.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some beautiful websites all over the Internet. But did you know that beautiful website may be hurting your business? 

Let me explain.

First, Did you know that Google penalizes you in the rankings if your website is not mobile device responsive? Did you also know that Google penalizes you again if you don't have enough content on your pages? You see time and time again I see more and more of this glitzy web design with all the fancy sliding and moving pictures and text overlay on top of pictures, etc. Sure it looks cool. But the question to really ask yourself is "Is it functional"?

You see people who come to your website do not care about all the glitz. What they care about is "Do They Find What They Are Looking For Right Away"? You usually only have a few seconds to capture your audience. If you cannot do that right away you will find you lose 70 to 85% of your audience. They will go elsewhere.

Now there are several things you MUST do about your website if you want those who visit your page to stay around a while and buy your products or services. Let me discuss them.

9 critical Mistakes Most  Web Designers Make
  1. You better have your phone number nice and large right there at the top of the page. Better is to have that Phone number clickable from mobile devices.
  2. Your website better be mobile device responsive. And your visitors on mobile devices need to be able to actually read your website. Nearly 50% of Internet traffic now days comes from hand-held mobile devices and tablets. If your site is not mobile friendly you are losing nearly 50% of your potential customers right there.
  3. Text not pictures! Never put text on top of pictures. It's too hard to read, especially on mobile devices.
  4. Never use picture sliders unless you have a very good reason for doing so. There are times you may want to use them but the honest truth is that they are rarely needed, especially on your home page. Any picture sliders are best left as a seperate page when you want to showcase something. Your home page is generally your sales page. Your message sells. Pictures won't. Sliders rarely do anything but take up space. Most people don't care about them.
  5. Make sure your opening text, (what people see 1st) has your exclusive message to them. Ask yourself "Who is your audience?" Then state your message directly to that audience. Do this 1st. I cannot stress enough that you only have a few seconds to relay your message or your site visitors are gone.
  6. All mobile views of your website must have a button where people can just click to call you. If you are not making it easy for your audience to contact you then you are losing sales.
  7. Content matters, To be ranked high in Google and other search engines you need text content. Google can't read pictures. Google ranks you based on content. 300 to 600 words are recommended. And you need to use your key words in your message many times. But dont over do it either. Understand that people really do love to read. If someone is seeking you out then they expect to read about your business. Sell them. That is your goal.
  8. Are you posting to your blog often as I am doing here? It's important. Trust me!
  9. Always use dark text on light backgrounds. Its easier to read and converts traffic better.

Now there are just 9 examples of what you can do now to improve your website for more sales. We have about 50 other things that we implement for all of our clients to rank them higher on Google. But understand it's not just your Google rank that drives sales. Your Google rank is just part of the puzzle. Because once your audience see's your link, the next thing you need to do is to get them to click the link. And the step after that, once they land on your web page, is you need to engage them with your proper message immediately. Only doing this effectively will sky-rocket your sales.

And the truth of the matter, most web designers and many SEO companies have no clue themselves how to convert traffic to sales. Sure some web designers are good at visual appearance and some are amazing. But visual appearance means nothing if you do not get a sale out of it. Sales, not glitter makes your business profit!

At 724, we build web sites that CONVERT traffic to LEADS and then to SALES. Because after all, only SALES matter in the end. Our own website is pretty plain for a reason. It looks good but it's not fancy.We specifically talk about our direct message. We make it easy to use and easy to contact us and we make it easy to read from any device. And that my friends is what turns traffic into SALES and PROFIT for your business.

Want to know more? Call us today. Let us help you sky-rocket your sales 2 to 5x.
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