Website Design and SEO Proven Methods Part 1

By: Edward York, 724 Internet Solutions |

Hello, Today I want to discuss website design and SEO. Now realize it's not enough to just have a website anymore in todays new digital world. A website is no good if you have no traffic coming to it.

You need much more than just a website if you expect to sell your products and services online. Your website won't do much good if you can't convert visitors to sales. 90% of the websites that exist today do not convert well to sales. Many are so poorly designed that visitors just click right off the site. That won't help your sales. You need much more than just a website. You need a comprehensive "Internet Marketing" strategy by those who understand small business and the internet. A website that drives customers does not just happen by accident. It happens by executing a proven process and applying a comprehensive strategy.


The Key Mistakes most websites have.
  • Not being mobile friendly. 
  • Having too much information on the home page.
  • Having too many pictures. A fancy website with cool features is not necessarily a good website.
  • Having too many sliders and other fancy do-dads.
  • Now presenting your message correctly. Your message needs to grab at your visitors heart strings so your visitors feeel the pain and act.
  • Lack of presenting urgency to site visitors. Not having an easy way for them to contact you.
  • Not having the phone number displayed properly in the header or having the phone number too small to read
  • Not using the correct color schemes. Every element of your website needs to be easily readable and navigateable from both the desktop and mobile devices.
  • Not having proper key words throughout the page and site.
  • Not linking pages by proper key word naming conventions.
  • Not using testimonials on your website or not doing it properly.
  • Not having a blog. 
  • Not posting to your blog often enough
Problems with SEO. The most common mistakes most businesses make.
  • Not having backlinks from other directories. And not having consistancy across the Internet. Every single link and directory on the Internet has to have consistent content. The same address, same phone number, etc.
  • Not monitoring traffic patterns. Are your site visitors staying on your site or are they gone in 2 seconds?
  • Not specifying proper Headings, Titles, and page descriptions.
  • Not managing reputation, 70% of people review your company before buying. You must address any bad review you get.
  • Not having reviews and testimonials across the Internet
  • Not having social media pages or not optimizing social media pages.
  • Not posting to social media often enough

Solid search engine optimization (SEO), content management, highly effective layouts, an online review and reputation management plan, and detailed data tracking for continuous analysis and adjustments give your project a high chance of success. Furthermore, if you need to start generating sales right now for your Santa Barbara County small business, our team are experts in FaceBook marketing to get your word out quickly and effectively while targeting your *exact* market to drive nearly immediate sales.

At 724 Internet Solutions, we do not just sell websites and hosting and SEo. We sell Internet Marketing packages so that your website gets traffic, leads and sales. We provide proper website design, proper search engine optimization (SEO). We manage your reviews, testimonials, blogs, content, social media and we analyze traffic patterns so we know exactly what is going on with your site and your traffic and we will make corrections when necessary.

724 also knows that behind every small business is a hard working business owner. Our clients are from all walks of life and backgrounds. Here are just some of the fields we service: Medical offices and legal practices, utilities to home improvement, realtors, chiropractors, and automotive services. We can help almost any business grow.

Our main office is based in Lompoc, CA. and 724 serves the entire Santa Barbara County area and we are accessible and excited to help you grow. We also have an office in Prescott AZ, so we can help local businesses in the Prescott area as well. We also still welcome out nationwide customers, some whom we have great relationships with. Some of our clients from back in 1999 and 2000 are still with us today. Contact us. Let's talk. We will turn your website into a revenue generating machine.

That's in for now. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week.
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