The following are quotes of e-mails sent to 724 Hosting by the people who use our services. For legal reasons we have put [another provider] where a specific competitor was mentioned.

I just wanted to let you know that in all the dealings that I have had in my 9 years of retail, I think I would have to rank you and your staff right up there at or near the top. You are professional and very timely in responding to questions/problems. From a customer perspective, you guys are great.

I appreciate the support you have given me and The Bear Factory.

Jerry Dyer

Cleveland State University
It has become routine for me to express my pleasure with your company’s excellent customer service.  Mr. York has repeatedly extended his hand to assist our lonely office with our web-based needs.  From day one, he made certain our transition to the worldwide wed has operated as smoothly as possible.  Not to mention, the wealth of resources he conveniently packaged in one email message.  It contains everything necessary for a neophyte web administrator to succeed efficiently. 

Due to nature of our business, problems and set-backs are expected.  However, we are not concerned with the problems only the solutions.  Our latest obstacle, which brought down our entire site, was quickly evaded by the fast and courteous service that Mr. York displayed.  We have been very pleased with 724 Hosting, but more so, with the personal attention Mr. York has offered our organization.  We believe he is a very valuable asset to your firm. 

We wanted his efforts to be publicly acknowledged by his supervisors and this note made part of his permanent record. 

Best regards from your satisfied client,

Lamont J. Walton
Web Administrator
Cleveland State University

I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all of the great support that you and your company have given me.

I don’t know if you remember this, but I originally came to your company after being with [Another provider] for a little less than a month. They consistently get good reviews in PC Magazine, however, I found their company to be one of the worse I have ever dealt with. I had numerous problems getting my account set up, many of which were due to my “personal sales rep” not asking the right questions or getting the right information from me. Their tech support oftentimes took 4-6 days to get back to me, and about half the time they simply told me to “ask your sales rep about this”. Not only that, but their site – especially the support section – was confusing and poorly laid out.

All of which made me appreciate your support and the construction of your site that much more. At first I was leery of switching ISPs because of the hassle that goes along with that decision. (I also had my Merchant Account already approved and set up, and switching from [another provider] meant I had to cancel my Merchant Account, because they had a special deal with [another provider].)

I can honestly say that I am ecstatic that I made the decision to switch. That may sound “a bit too much”, but their service was that bad and yours is that good.

If you ever have any potential clients that want to talk to some of your current customers before signing on with you, I would be more than pleased to talk or write to them.

Thanks again,
Larry Hannay

I just wanted to write you a note of thanks.  The customer service at 724hosting is among the best of any company that I have ever done business with; and this means a lot to me.  Many companies give lip service to customer service, but not 724hosting.  Each and every time that I have needed some help, no matter how big or small the problem, whether it was something I had done wrong or something gone astray on your end, you have always been very responsive and most helpful.  Thank you.  Your efforts have not gone un-noticed.

A very happy 724hosting customer — Richard Cole

I would like to give you my testimony. Your service is simply the best! As far as I know I like your personal touch. Even on the weekend I was able to talk to you, in getting my visitor setup with their free e-mail account. Thanks again for working with me, and also my third party host. You simply shown me time and time again professionalism, and classic personal touch.

Michael Keethin

Informal Software
You’ve been a great help and I want to thank you from all of us at Informal
By the way – [Another Provider] NEVER responds to any questions or requests we have …
thanks again.


Resting Rabbit Productions
    “I  rate customer service above all services. And you have rated A+.” 
Thank you.
Nancy Reid Edwards
Resting Rabbit Productions

    “I can’t express enough how much Nina and I appreciate you jumping in early Sunday morning and getting our problem fixed.  I didn’t expect to get you that early but I’m glad I was able to!  That Monday we had over 10,000 hits and sales were excellent because folks were home (holiday) and on their computers.  Had we not had the order forms complete it would have been a financial disaster.” 
   ” I’m not sure what your position is with “724 Hosting” but you are
professional and dedicated to promoting your companies fine service.  I’ve
never delt with a company, aviation or internet that tried as hard as
724 hosting to please their customers. Keep up the good work and it’s a
pleasure working with professionals like yourself.” 

Tom Rogers Ph.D.
Avionics West, Inc.
tel: 1-805-928-3601

Staub Associates
   “You’re response to my request has been beyond compare.  I can’t think of another company (other than mine of course) that has been so easy to work with.  I look forward to a long & rewarding relationship for us both.”
John Staub