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Hosted SharePoint
Hosted SharePoint

Public Cloud Hosted SharePoint from $12.95/mo.

Managed Dedicated Sharepoint Servers – Now from $350/mo. 

All-inclusive Managed Servers – We take the complexity out of choosing your dedicated SharePoint Foundation 2013 private cloud with our one price, fully managed model. All managed cloud servers include the following 100% fully managed services. Only $795/mo. per server with no additional costs ever.

  • Hosted on High Availability Redundant IBM hardware and virtualized by VMware.
  • Proactive Managed Services by the 724 staff, including full maintenance and patch management.
  • Server Monitoring and Reporting of all applications, hardware, and performance.
  • Vulnerability assessment, Endpoint Security, Anti-virus and vulnerability scanning.
  • Daily data backup, disaster recovery backup, SharePoint SQL data backup.
  • SSL site security certificate, Firewall and Intrusion prevention systems.
  • 24/7 technical support via telephone and email and HelpDesk.
  • 100% full server access via Remote Desktop and 724’s unique Direct Connect.
  • 724’s Unique Self healing management system for maximum uptime and availability.
  • 100% performance guarantee. If your server does not perform as expected we’ll add additional resources at no charge so it will *.
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SharePoint Foundation
2013 plans
Budget Silver Gold Business Silver Business
Order Order Order Order Order
Price Yearly Save 10% $12.95 mo. $24.95mo. $59.95mo. $149.00mo. $349.00mo
Price Bi-Yearly Save 5% $14.95 mo. $26.95 mo. $62.95mo. $154.00 mo. $364.00mo
Price Monthly $15.95mo. $29.95mo. $64.95mo. $159.00mo. $374.00mo
Security Compliant plans. Managed Dedicated Compliant Hosted SharePoint Foundation Plans – HIPAA, PCI


1.0 GB 5 GB 20 GB 100 GB 200 GB
SharePoint Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Same day setup yes yes yes yes yes
Free SharePoint
yes yes yes yes yes
Unlimited Sub-sites yes yes yes yes yes
Your own domain.
yes yes yes yes yes
Email Enabled yes yes yes yes yes
Workflows yes yes yes yes yes
Unlimited Traffic** 2 tb yes yes yes yes
Anonymous Access yes yes yes yes
SSL Available yes yes yes yes
SharePoint Sandbox Solutions:
(Includes the ability to install custom web parts)
yes yes yes yes
Free SMTP/POP3 email yes yes yes
SharePoint Business Connectivity yes yes yes
Custom SharePoint Webparts:
(requires administrative intervention)
MS Exchange Add-on
(priced per mailbox)
(Integrates with SharePoint)
$4.95 mo. $4.95 mo. $4.95 mo. $4.95 mo. $4.95 mo.
SSL-VPN add-on $25.00 mo. $25.00 mo. $25.00 mo. $25.00 mo. $25.00 mo.
Hosting Security Compliant – PCI, HIPAA upgrade to enterprise upgrade to enterprise upgrade to enterprise upgrade to enterprise upgrade to enterprise

POP3/SMTP accounts yes yes yes
Web based email yes yes yes
Spam and antivirus yes yes yes
Catch-all account yes yes yes
Email forwardivng yes yes yes
Email aliases yes yes yes
Email autoresponders yes yes yes
NLB Clustering yes yes yes yes yes
Fully Redundant IBM HS21 Blade Servers yes yes yes yes yes
VMware management tools with auto-failover yes yes yes yes yes
Intel Dual Core Xeon cpu’s yes yes yes yes yes
RAID 5 SCSI drive fiber channel storage arrays yes yes yes yes yes
MSSQL Server 2008 yes yes yes yes yes
Data Center Specifica
Multiple Tier 1 redundant carriers yes yes yes yes yes
Firewall yes yes yes yes yes
Intrusion Prevention (IPS) yes yes yes yes yes
Fire suppression yes yes yes yes yes
Temperature controlled environment yes yes yes yes yes
UPS backup power yes yes yes yes yes
Generator backup power yes yes yes yes yes
7/24 server monitoring yes yes yes yes yes
7/24 technical support for Hosted SharePoint Toll Free Phone and Email
Daily SharePoint data backup yes yes yes yes yes
Item level data backup $75.00/mo.

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Order Order Order Order Order
About 724’s Hosted SharePoint Foundation all-inclusive plans.

Avaliable options: On all-inclusive plans we include just about every option for the ultimate performance of your server so you don’t have to guess which plan you need. At 724, we give you everything technically feasable in our IT Service packages so you can run your business and let 724 worry about maintaining the underlying infrastructure of your network servers.

With all that said there are only a few additional options available, most of which would have to do with licensing and disk storage space or other less common options.

At 724, we already give you a generous 250GB of storage space for each server, but we do realize that there may be come clients who need more, so we make this very simple: For every GB above 250GB already included, add 50 cents per GB.

Licensing: SharePoint Foundation does not require licensing so every feature is avaialble at no additional cost..

Public Internet Licensing for Hosted SharePoint Server:

SharePoint Foundation does not require additional licensing for public facing websites so this feature is included in the all-inclusive price.

Application Management and Development Services:

724 already manages the hardware and operating system and most all tasks associated with IT server maintenance and support and Hosted SharePoint applications which are included. However from time to time we have been asked about application management such as adding users, managing users, customizing SharePoint, development services, installing 3rd party software, etc. At 724 we don’t include these application management services in the all-inclusive plan because these tasks are usually the job of your web site developer. 724 does have their own development staff which can assist or take over those job functions upon request. Please contact sales to inquire.

*Performance guarantee warranty assumes a maximum of 50 users per server. Additional servers may be required in certain situations depending on user and traffic load. Unlimited traffic excluded video streaming and external database traffic.

** These are limited time promotional offers for new clients only. Reserve yours today before they are gone to grandfather these prices for as long as you remain a 724 client.