Specialized IT support wherever your data lives. Now it’s easier than ever to add 724 ’s Expert IT support to your IT team. Whether it’s in our cloud, your office or in a hybrid environment, we’ve got you covered with professional IT support from a team of experts since 1999.

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On-site or off-site? We can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenue by providing on-site or off-site remote application and server support and maintenance for your organizations existing data systems saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in services, and expensive IT personnel.View and Download Whitepaper



All-Inclusive Package

We take the complexity out of choosing your Managed IT Services plan with our one price model. All managed IT Services include the following 100% fully managed services.

  • Proactive Managed Services by the 724 staff, including full maintenance and patch management with 724’s unique self-healing technology for maximum uptime.
  • Server Monitoring and Reporting of all applications, hardware, and performance with email alerts.
  • Endpoint Security, Anti-virus, Anti-Spam and vulnerability scanning.
  • Daily data backup, including SQL and Exchange data with line item restore capabilities.
  • 24/7 technical support via telephone and email and HelpDesk.
  • 724’s unique self-healing management system for maximum uptime and availability.

100% performance guarantee.


Full Service Offering for 2 servers and up to 25 Desktops – $1495 /mo.
Additional Servers – $175 per mo.
Additional Desktops – $45 per mo.

Do you need a smaller or larger plan or have questions? Call us Today: Phone: 866-740-6163

A-LaCarte Pricing

Because we realize an All-Inclusive price model might not be for everyone we have A-La-Carte services and prices below.

Remote Monitoring and Reporting Essential License

Essential monitoring and reporting licenses address the management needs of any devices not under managed services contracts, and includes core capabilities such as asset management, standard monitoring, standard remote control, and standard reporting and management of Windows based PC’s, Servers and Network Devices.

View CPU, memory, disk and TCP Services monitoring, events and reports from a single interface,
Mobile access N-central console from IOS4 or Android devices
Monitor every desktop, server, and network device,
Asset Management
Remote Control
Alerts and Notifications
Desktop – $3.00/mo.
Network device – $5.00/mo.
Server – $10.00/mo.
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Proactive Support Managed Services

If you have your own data center yet need assistance to maintain it, then this plan is for you. Our engineers will support, maintain and fix problems remotely on your systems worldwide.

Certified engineers supporting your systems via remote worldwide.
IBM, VMware, Dell, HP,
Sonicwall, Cisco
Quantum, Symantec IT Backup
c-panel, Microsoft, RedHat, Cent OS
SharePoint, Exchange, Zeus, Intel, AMD
Quality and operational security
Device and Performance Monitoring
Patch management
Preventive Maintenance
Security Management, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
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Application Management

24/7/365 days availability
Pre-Sales and Tier 1 technical support
USA based support speaking English
Offices in USA
Dedicated Toll Free Number
Customized to your needs
Self Service Portal for end users
Detailed metrics and reporting
Specializing in SharePoint and Exchange Server.
Plans from $100/month
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Private Label Helpdesk

Your branded 24/7/365 help desk support
1 hour Response Guarantee
Level 1, 2 and 3 Help Desk
ISO standard quality & security
Multi Technology Support
Web Incident Reporting
Auto eMail Updates
ISO standard quality & security
Plans starting with $1/ticket
Expert, friendly support
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Security Management / Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam

Don’t spend another dime on Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software until you check out the 724 offering. We give you so much more than standard Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam.

Works with PC’s or Servers.
24/7/365 days availability.
Automatic definition updating.
Antivirus, Desktop – $3.00/mo.
Antivirus, Server – $6.00/mo.
Antispam, Priced per mailbox – $2.00/mo.
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Remote Monitoring and Reporting Professional License

Professional monitoring and reporting licenses deliver the complete #1-rated remote monitoring, management and control feature set. It includes built-in tactical operational reporting and the integrated Remote Support Manager tool for advanced management of Windows machines without interrupting end-users.

Contains all Essential license features plus control and access any device remotely, anytime, anywhere
Monitor and manage hardware and software, SNMP and Windows Service events in physical and virtual environments
Mobile access console from IOS4 or Android devices
Monitor every desktop, server, and network device, with alerts and notifications.
Utilize automated warranty expiry monitoring,
Option to protect all Windows devices with enterprise-class endpoint security,
Automate routine tasks with self-healing functionality, and Integrate the solution into existing escalation workflow process.
Desktop – $10.00/mo.
Network Device – $15.00/mo.
Server – $25.00/mo.
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Onsite IT Infrastructure Sales, Support and Services

If you’re not comfortable with hosting in the cloud, our expert engineers serve Southern California and provide hardware and software sales, installation, maintenance and support at your facility and/or via remote.

Certified engineers to install, maintain and support your IT systems on site in Southern California.
Specialized in IBM, VM ware, Dell, HP, Sonicwall, Cisco Quantum, Data Backup, c-panel, Microsoft, RedHat, Cent OS, SharePoint, Exchange, Zeus, Intel, AMD
Highly customized service delivery model
Reliability of a renowned brand
Quality and operational security
Continual improvement to remain competitive
Highly Proactive Support Model
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Server Management

Remote Server Administration
Data Migration and Installation
USA based support speaking English
Data Cleaning
Hardening Your Server
Application Specific Tuning
Reactive Services
Proactive Server Management
Plans Starting at $100/month
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Remote Support

Certified engineers supporting your customers
Highly customized service delivery model
Reliability of a renowned brand
Quality and operational security
Continual improvement to remain competitive
Highly Proactive Support Model
Server Monitoring included
One time pay per incident service requests from $50 per 1/2 hour.
Monthly contract options begin at $250/mo. for unlimited support requests.
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Remote Backup

24/7/365 days availability.
Remote Image backups.
90 days retention incremental backups.
Offices in USA
Store to any NAS or external hard drive at your secure location or also replicate back to our secure facility for off-site backups.
Includes Free monitoring of your systems with interactive dashboard.
Price – PC – $6.00/mo
Price – Server – $55.00/mo.
Price – Server with backup for Exchange and SQL – $65.00/mo.
Price – Replication $25.00/mo.
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Do you need a smaller or larger plan or have questions? Call us Today: Phone: 866-740-6163

How to SAVE 50% or more in yearly IT costs in a not-so-great economy.In today’s economy, datacenter outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, cloud hosting, and software as a service (SAAS) makes sense. Why spend thousands of dollars purchasing routers, servers, backup and security devices, cabling, hiring expensive IT engineers, buying expensive software, and so on? You can save thousands of dollars at 724 Internet Solutions by using our existing equipment, infrastructure and IT staff.

The benefits of cloud hosting and cloud computing —accessing your data and applications stored on remote hardware by way of the Internet instead of keeping it all in your local workstation—still requires a leap of logic for many. But now that a workstation can go anywhere as a smart phone, a stripped-down notebook, or even an e-book reader, it’s practically a virtual desktop operating in conjunction with a virtual server anyway. If the user can be anywhere, so can the source for data and applications.

The cloud equation adds in the flexibility to scale bandwidth up or down at will and the affordability of pay-as-you-go service, and subtracts energy-devouring hardware from your local environment. Factor in the best IBM hardware and VMware virtualization in the industry and the result is an industry-leading global cloud with an instrumented, interconnected, intelligent approach to smarter computing.

It all comes together in the 724 cloud portfolio, which introduces the industry’s first set of enterprise-directed cloud services and integrated products. It brings sophisticated automation technology and self-service to tasks as diverse as software development and testing, desktop and device management, and collaboration.

Concerned about security in the cloud? Not to worry.
We can host both public clouds and private clouds. Private clouds run behind their own separate firewall’s and intrusion prevention systems on separate internal networks completely isolated from the rest of our network with VPN connections between your location and 724’s.

With today’s competitive market and economic downturn in just about every industry, board members of these large corporations are constantly trying to slash operating expenses while retaining profit margins and high quality products and services and keeping their investors happy.
It’s not uncommon for large corporations of 500+ employees to spend $500,000 per year or more on their IT department alone. These costs range usually from a minimum of retaining 2 full time IT employees at cost of perhaps $100,000 per year in salary each. Then there is security, electricity to run their data centers, air conditioning expenses to keep their data center cool, backup generators to maintain power in emergencies, and then there is the cost of the hardware itself.

The answer to the ever expensive problem of retaining internal IT departments is to run your data center in a hosted cloud environment. In a cloud environment, companies would no longer need to retain 2 full time IT engineers to maintain their data centers. Instead, companies can probably get by with just a single IT technician at perhaps a salary of only $50,000 per year to maintain their onsite PC computers. This savings alone would result in a $150,000 reduction in employee salary. See the cost savings comparison charts.

In addition, there are no large upfront hardware expenses in a hosted cloud solution.

Outsourcing Benefits of a Hosted Cloud Environment

Up to a 75% reduction in IT employee salary.
No large upfront hardware costs.
Substantial savings in monthly electricity costs.
50 to 70% cost reduction in maintaining your IT department.
High-end data security.
Guaranteed SLA’s.
Flexible configurations.
Superior Infrastructure.
Excellent Customer Service.

Average annual savings in a hosted environment can be 50 to 70% less.
Example: if your spending $500,000 per year for your current on-site IT department, 724 Internet Solutions could reduce that cost by up to $300,000 or more.