SEO, Whats the difference?

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Today I want to talk about SEO.

SEO, What's the Difference?

Such a great question and I have been asked 3 or 4 times this week this very same question so let me explain.

Typically most Webmasters and SEO people create something like 3 different plans.
Usually they will refer to something like the following.
1. SEO Basic
2. SEO Pro
3. SEO Business.

So whats the difference?

1. SEO Basic.

Very typically you will see a cost for this between $100 and $250 per month. Often times the low-end are offered from people overseas. What you get: In the short-term, "YOU GET NOTHING". Ok so it's really not nothing but most of the time it might as well be nothing. Typically an SEO person will create a site map of your site and submit it to Google. They will set the site using key words that may be relevent to your business. Most of the time they will ask you for the key words and just run with it. Often times they do nothing to see how these key words might rank. They will put meta tabs on your website using these key words. Then they will create back links to a few dozen directories and if you are really lucky they will create a blog post or two monthly.
"724 Does not Do SEO of this type"! Why you may ask? "Because Its Ineffective". All we would be doing is to take your money. Later you wont be happy and you will give us a lot of bad reviews because we could not help you. You will be upset. 
This type of SEO is a failure right at the get go. You can't just optimize key words and expect traffic. There is so much more to it.

2. SEO Pro.

This is the 2nd package most are offering. Or a watered down version of it. Typically you see this priced from $250 to $750 per month. But BEWARE! You need to make sure this is what you are getting. Many SEO companies short-cut this. DO NOT FALL FOR IT.
And it's here you begin to see results. This is the minumum plan 724 offers. Because if we can't get you results, then we don't want your money. Ok with this one you get the following.
a. A WordPress website designed and optimized for conversion. It has to be done right or you can do SEO all you want and it still won't convert to sales. This is Super Important. Too many times I have people who call me and want me to do SEO only for them when they have a website that just won't work. I would be just taking their money if I did this. "I won't just do it", except in very special situations where I know I can convert traffic to Sales.
b.You get your site map and integration with Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, and Facebook pixel tracker and sometimes a few other. Because if you can't track it, you can't manage it!
c. We key word every single page of your site individually, but before we can even do that we do our homework first. Because you can't just key in on any key word. It takes research and knowledge to find what is useful and what is not.
d. Content management - It's here it gets super important. Because you must have content on your pages to rank high. I see too many pages out there with jazzy pictures and sliders and everything else and people forgot the content. Sure it looks good, but to convert sales, "It's Your Message That Matters". We will edit your pages as needed to get them to convert as expected and we will continue to do so as your site and the Internet evolves.
e. Tracking. and Analysis. I mentioned this above and it's super important. More than you realize.
f. Posts and blogs and social integration. We do all this for you. Post once. It goes out and spreads everywhere.

3. SEO Business.

Now this is where you really start getting results in the 2 to 5x sales range. Typically you will see these offered by cheap SEO companies beginning at $500 per month but good SEO people have commanded up to $10,000 per month for this program. "Because It Works To Increase Sales"
With this you get everything in the Pro Plan, but so much more.
This is where we get into Reputation Monitoring, Reputation Generation, Social Media Optimization. Extreme content management including news letter generation, mailing list management, Sales Automation, Video production and so much more. When you get into this plan your sales shoot through the room. It's no wonder some SEO people can take $10,000 per month for this because if an SEO is bringing in for their client $100,000k or $200,000k extra each and every month and it continues to grow then $10k becomes pretty cheap after that.
The advanced SEO plans go beyond everything else and it's here 724 can help you explode your sales to new heights month after month after month with predictability.

So there you have it!

"Never accept and SEO less than what you get in the SEO Pro plan I mentioned above", Because if you do you will not be happy and you will waste a lot of money doing it.

I hope you enjoyed this post.
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