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Prescott Internet Marketing Services. Do You Need Internet Marketing Solutions for your Prescott area business? Are You Frustrated With Lack Of Support And The Nickel And Diming And Ineffective Results?

We provide Internet Marketing and Web Design and SEO for small businesses in Prescott AZ and surrounding areas. Effective Internet Marketing is much more than just web design if you want your website to perform and generate leads for increased sales for your business. You need much more than just a website. You need a comprehensive "Internet Marketing" strategy for your Prescott small business by those who understand small business and the internet. A website that drives customers does not just happen by accident. It happens by executing a proven process and applying a comprehensive strategy.


Attention Prescott Business Owner Is your website an asset or a liability?

Because in business “SALES IS WHAT MATTERS” 90% of websites FAIL to convert Traffic to Leads and Leads to Sales! Your website design is KILLING YOUR SALES and killing your revenue! “And You Do Not Even Realize It”


Hello, My name is Ed York, President of Mile High Internet Marketing in Prescott. I am a local business owner just as you are. So who am I you may ask? I build Internet Marketing campaigns to bring small businesses more SALES and REVENUE! Because if your website is not bringing you sales then it’s a liability.
Now as small business owners SALES is the most important thing we all care about. Because without SALES we have no business. I am no different than you are. I have my business and you have yours. Sales is both of our goals.                     Prescott SEO, Prescott Web Design, Prescott Internet Marketing

Now most business owners, about 90% of them have no idea how to market their business online. And the sad part is that even most webmasters and so-called SEO experts don’t have a clue either. Now understand that this is not about just web design. It’s not just about SEO. This is about SALES! Lot’s and lot’s of sales for our small businesses. We want our small business to stand out among our competition so people buy from us and not our competition.

This is what I do as a small business owner like yourself. I help a select few Prescott area small business owners get massive amounts of new sales among our competition.

Do you know what DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING is? It’s not new! It’s been around way before the Internet was born. Why do 90% of businesses FAIL to use the old tried and true method of “Direct Response Marketing” in their Internet Marketing campaigns for their business?

“In Business You Don’t Want To Seek Out Clients. You Want Clients To Seek You Out”.

THIS IS WHAT I DO. I position small businesses so that potential clients seek out your business instead of your competition. I do this using Proven and Predictable “Internet Marketing” techniques.  And your poor website design is the first piece in the puzzle we need to fix to get you more sales, and more revenue and higher customer satisfaction for your small business here in the Prescott area.

Let me ask you a question. What makes your business any different than your competition?
Example if I Google “Plumbers in Prescott” or “Lawyers in Prescott” or fill in the blank “Your business in Prescott” Why should I click your link and visit your website and buy your services over your competition?

Did you know 90% of businesses are marketing their products and services all wrong?

Because ask yourself again. What makes your business any different than your competition?

Your Message Is Important! You have 2 seconds to convince your website visitors to click your link and another 2 seconds to convince them to buy from you once they view your website.

This is what I fix for your business. I drive more sales to your business so you and your family can spend more time together, taking nice vacations more often. Because family time is what is most important in everyone’s life. We want more revenue and less work.

What I do goes way beyond what everyone else out there is doing. I create FULL INTERNET MARKETING plans so your business grows year after year after year. And I GUARANTEE it!

Let me fix this for you. Right now, FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, I will come to your office for FREE and meet with you 1 on 1 and evaluate your Internet Marketing process. Or if you are not comfortable with meeting me one on one in your office we could discuss it over the phone. Your choice. You don’t have to hire me. There is no obligation. This is 100% free. It’s my way of introducing myself to select businesses in the Prescott community. You will learn so much from my knowledge that if you want after our meeting you can implement everything I tell you yourself to get more Sales and generate more Revenue for your small business.

But you must hurry. My calendar is filling up fast. I can’t be everywhere at once.

I know often times many people don’t like to talk so I am making this easy for you to contact me.

Go to this link right now. 

Or call me direct: (928) 351-1341

Ed York
Mile High Internet Marketing
1035 Quiet Pines Ln.
Prescott, AZ. 86303
Phone: (928) 351-1341

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Prescott Internet Marketing, Prescott SEO, Prescott Web Design

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