Zirlotts Seafood

Zirlotts Seafood: This is a WooCommerce online store project 724 is now engaged in. Zirlotts sells seafood online. The site is in development now on March 6th 2017.

Prescott Boot Camp Facebook Campaign

Facebook advertising campaign on facebook for Prescott Fitness Boot Camp Campaign began 2/2/2017 6am Arizona time. Ran for 1 1/2 days as of this writing. Ad cost so far: $19.64 8 leads. 2 customers at @115 ea. Net Profit after 1 1/2 days = $210.xx

Lisas Listings and Loans

Lisa Schofield Lisa’s Listings and Loans Landing page for digital marketing campaign January @2107 http://go.724mediagroup.com/lisaschofield/

Prescott Fitness Boot Camp

Prescott Fitness Boot Camp Marketing funnel opt-in page for lead conversion. Prescott, Az. 86303 January @2017 http://go.724mediagroup.com/bootcamp-optin/

Concept Project

Built with Lead Pages as a prototype site for this site. Lead pages makes awesome landing pages. December @2016