IT Deployment Services



Hardware Sales & Installation

724 Internet Solutions IT Systems consulting group
specializes in installation services to southern California businesses. 724 specializes in IT Management, data backup, storage, data archiving, high availability systems and so much more. Our affiliation with leading companies such as IBM, Cisco, Sonicwall and VMware puts us at the advantage of securing the best, most relible equipment at the best possible prices.


Your data center installer, storage manager, network engineer and IT service manager all in one.If your business is in the San Diego area north to and including Santa Barbara county and within 200 miles of our Los Angeles home base, then we perform installations, management and maintenance of your own on-site company systems. If you need an upgrade, 724 is the company with the experience. We are experts with IBM server blade systems and VMware as well as various Linux systems and including Cisco and Sonicwall networks and security firewalls.


724’s end-to-end IT Deployment Services are backed by a proven deployment infrastructure, ensuring that engineers with the right skills complete your installations on time and within budget. As a result, due to higher availability, your consumers will have quicker access to your newly installed equipment and software, providing a faster return on your investment.

Project Management:

Our industry-certified Project Managers will serve as your single point of contact and accountability throughout the entire deployment process for a truly seamless experience.

Site Preparation Services:

We’ll evaluate your site’s power, structure, networking and cabling environment and make any necessary changes to ensure your sites are ready for installation.


Our staging professionals will assemble, load, configure and test all your hardware and software – from 724 or other vendors – so it arrives on time and ready to install.


We can de-install and dispose of your old equipment in compliance with the appropriate regulations and environmental considerations.

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