Hosted Anti-Virus

Cloud Hosted Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

Security Services - hosted anti-spam and hosted anti-virus

Don’t spend another dime on Security products such as Anti-Virus EndPoint Security and Anti-Spam software until you check out the new Security Management suite at 724. We give you so much more than standard anti-virus and anti-spam. Works with Windows PC’s or Servers. 24/7/365 days availability. Automatic definition updating. No need to renew every year as in traditional AV software. No long term commitment. Buy monthly and cancel anytime.

Anti-Virus / EndPoint Security Features.

  • Provided by Panda Software.
  • Top of the line AV/ End Point Security functionality.
  • Includes scheduled scans.
  • Filters Exchange email.
  • Runs in the background on your PC or Windows Server.
  • Virus definitions update automatically.
  • Requires the 724 Professional Monitoring and Reporting Service (screen shot below)
  • Price: (Desktop) $3.00 per month.
  • Price: (Server) $6.00 per month.




Anti-Spam Features


  • Personal anti-spam security manager
  • Create custom filters, rules, check your quarantine folder, generate reports and more. Below is a screen shot of the interface for managing your anti-spam.
  • Requires the “724 Professional Monitoring and Reporting Service
  • Price: $2.00 per mailbox per month.

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