Exclusive Offer – 50% Off Internet Marketing Packages

Exclusive offer for current 724 Customers and those who find this blog post only.

Hello everyone,

We have an exclusive offer for “724 customers and past customers only” who are receiving this message.

50% off normal pricing on our Internet Marketing Packages.
Normal Cost: $495/mo.
Your cost: $249/mo.

Why do you need this?

I am sure you may be asking that question.
Let me explain the facts.

  • You are losing sales big time. You could be getting 2 to 5x more business.
  • 90% of businesses have no idea how to be successful online.
  • 90% of all websites on the Internet don’t get much traffic, and most who get lucky and do are not converting that traffic to sales. (this is called bounce rate) It is people who come to your website and immediately leave and do not buy your product or service.
  • You have about 2 seconds to capture a visitors attention once they find your website. If those visitors don’t see what they want in that first 2 seconds, they click off your site and go elsewhere.
  • The reason for all of this is because “YOU DO NOT have an Effective Internet Marketing Plan!”
  • Without an effective Internet marketing plan your website, for the most part, just sits there as a pretty face. It’s not bringing you sales. Why you may ask?
The reasons why you are losing sales!
  • Most websites are designed entirely WRONG!
  • Most websites have too much glitz, eg. Too many pictures, too many sliders and moving around widgets that while they look great, they DO NOT CONVERT VISITORS TO SALES!
  • Most websites are not optimized for mobile devices. Even so-called mobile friendly sites are not very mobile friendly. Nearly 50% of all users use their cell phones now days. Just making your website mobile friendly will get you more traffic. But it’s goes way beyond that!
  • Most businesses do not have an effective message. You see to be effective, you must reach into your potential client and pull at their heart-strings and cause them pain. When you do this effectively you gain their business. You see when someone needs something they Google it, often times from their cell phones. These people are HOT AND READY TO BUY RIGHT NOW!. They are Red Hot leads! SO WHY ARE THEY NOT YOUR CLIENTS? WHY IS YOUR COMPETITION GETTING THOSE CLIENTS BUT NOT YOU?
  • Most websites are not optimized for high rankings in the search engines.
  • Most businesses do not even track their traffic. They put up a website because it’s the thing to do. BUT WHAT IF YOU CAN GET 2 TO 5X MORE SALES with your website?
What is the Web Design and (SEO Lite package)?

 It consists of a WordPress website, designed and hosted and managed for you by our team.

  • It will be designed for effective Lead Generation and Sales Conversion.
  • It is designed to work effectively on small screen mobile devices.
  • We optimize your website with the proper message so that we tug at your visitors heart-strings so they click your link in the search engines first and once they land on your webpage, we do this again so they stay on your website and buy form you instead of bouncing off and buying from your competition.
  • Your WordPress website includes a blog. A place for you to post articles and news and videos or whatever you like, on the fly with no html knowledge required.
  • Integration with the top 5 social media outlets. When you post to your blog, the message also goes out to those social media pages automatically

Search Engine Optimization, (SEO Lite Edition)

  • Consists of key word and meta tag optimization for each page.
  • Includes Google Webmaster tool integration.
  • Includes tracking code for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Tracking pixel.
  • Includes Reporting & Analysis tracking. “If you don’t track it, you can’t manage it”! So we include Reporting and Analysis of your website.

Cost: $249.00/mo. (This is 50%  off. It is a Limited time offer for 724 customers only)
With this program you will start seeing 2X more sales in as little as 90 to 120 days.

A Coupon for $25% off any upgrade services within the next 90 days.

Now Time Is Limited.

We can only help so many of our clients at a time with their Internet Marketing. It takes a lot of time to do Internet Marketing correctly so you get the results you expect! “Increased Sales” for your business. So we cannot extend this 50% off offer forever.
You must request this 50% off offer before March 5th 2017.

So now is the time to make 2017 an awesome year for sales and revenue growth for your business. Do not put this off as we do not know if we will offer this 50% off offer again.

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