Data backup for Servers and PC’s

You run a business and deliver a wide range of products or services, but few things are more important than protecting your companies data. Backup Manager is a suite of data management applications that make it easier and more affordable to protect and restore your company data and can be managed from a central console to ensure you consistently meet and manage recovery SLAs.

Backup Manager | Standard/Advanced/SBS/Workstation/Virtual are disk-based recovery products that simplify, and speed the recovery of company or customer data. They provide single-snapshot backup and recovery solutions in a cost-effective, easy-to-manage package. Facilitating faster backups, bare-metal restore to dissimilar hardware and integrated access to off-premise cloud storage for physical and virtual servers as well as for laptops and desktop workstations.

Backup Manager | Replication provides continuous, scheduled and ad-hoc replication to help balance network utilization and the data protection needs of customers. Quickly restore data from accidental or malicious data loss and damage. Multiple replication options are possible with this solution; One-to-one, many-to-one and one-to-many provide greater flexibility and helps to reduce the cost of disaster recovery.

Different versions of Backup Manager are available to accommodate any need and budget. Below is a comparison and the varying features they offer.

Backup Manager | Replication

provides added disaster recovery protections to compliment the product set and can work together with the versions above or as a standalone product to ensure that your customers most critical business data is always up to date, protected and accessible.

In independent testing conducted by Network Testing Lab, Backup Manager proved to be a superior data recovery tool to Symantec’s Backup Exec System Recovery. In the test results published in August 2010, Backup Manager was found to be more scalable and feature rich, much easier to use, more technically advanced, faster, more reliable and less expensive. Its Bare Metal Restore uses only a fraction of the computing resources required by Symantec, plus Backup Manager’s backups are 70% faster and its recoveries are completed in half the time.


Backup Manager is based on CA Technologies CA ARCserve® D2D R16, and supports your customers’ Windows-based environments and delivers a host of core capabilities, including:

Block Level Infinite Incremental Backup

This patent-pending technology uses less storage space, performs backups faster and puts less of a load on your production servers. Disk-to-disk backups are based on CA’s block-level I2 Technology™ that has been designed to intelligently manage backing up only blocks of data that have changed since the last backup and presenting a consolidated point-in-time view of the protected volume for multiple recovery types Designed manage the backup of only data that has changed since the last backup—reducing your recovery time.

Protection for Virtual Servers

This provides a single user interface to help protect virtual servers as well as physical servers, saving training time and simplifying operations. Block-level I2 Technology helps reduce backup time, storage space, network usage, workload on the production servers and recovery time for virtualized servers.

Single Snapshot Backup with Five Restore Types

Single-pass backup enables you to rapidly restore files, volumes, databases, Microsoft® Exchange emails and attachments or the entire system to any server in both physical and virtual environments. One snapshot helps to ensure recovery of your data in the most efficient manner.

Bare Metal Restore to Dissimilar Hardware

Bare-metal restore offers a lightning-fast way to recover a crashed server to the same or dissimilar hardware. It simply paints the picture of the original drive back onto the new drive and restarts the system – reducing to just minutes a process that can potentially take hours.

Physical-to-Virtual Server Migration

The flexibility to migrate from physical servers to virtual servers, from one virtual platform to another and from virtual servers to physical servers is easily achieved.

Point-In-Time Backup View

This provides a full, point-in-time view of the disk for rapid recovery of files, folders, volumes, Exchange emails and databases, making the recovery process easier and saving valuable time..

High Frequency Backups

Perform backups every 15 minutes for greater levels of protection, improved recovery point objectives (RPOs) and reduced risk.

Backup Throttling

Customize your backup performance processes to balance system usage to reduce the load on other mission-critical applications and services that need more of the system resources.

Integrated Access to Cloud Storage

Enables you to take advantage of cloud services for remote, off-site protection, archiving or additional storage capacity. It enables the flexibility of cloud services for your data protection.

Granular Mailbox Recovery

Granular recovery enables you to recover a single email or an attachment to an email, rather than needing to take the time or resources to recover an entire Exchange server.

Desktop/Laptop Protection

Laptop theft, accidents and errors can jeopardize key business data residing on laptop and desktop workstations today. Avoid the cost of downtime with the same protection that you use with your servers.


Protect your data from prying eyes by encrypting your backups and rest easy that your data is safe, no matter where it is stored.

Protection for Remote Offices and Branch Offices

protect remote offices with local backup and recovery and then replicate the backup files to a central location by using Backup Manager | Replication.

Supported Platforms and Applications

Backup Manager works with Windows® to provide backup of Windows Server® 2003, 2008, 2012Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3), Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 and 8 on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms, and Microsoft Exchange (2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013) and Microsoft SQL Server® 2005, 2008 and 2012 databases. It also supports VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V™ and Citrix® XenServer virtualization platforms.


724’s Backup Manager gives you the opportunity to offer your customers comprehensive data protection services and near-instantaneous recovery of their business critical data with easy-to-use tools, innovative technology and exceptional performance. Advantages include:

Peace of Mind

Backup Manager gives you more control over your customers evolving storage environment with a “set it and forget it” solution that simplifies protecting their data.

Savings on Storage

The single-snapshot backup with infinite, incremental snapshots in Backup Manager moves only the data that has been changed and quickly restores the entire disk to any previous backup point in time.


Backup Manager is easy to install, use and manage from 724’s management console. It is a disk-based backup product designed to provide the perfect combination of fast, simple, reliable protection and recovery for each of your customer’s data.

Reduction of Risk

Integrated with the 724 Management console it can proactively provide you with updates, helping you confidently meet and manage your recovery Sla’S.

A Perfect Fit

Use as a first backup system or as part of a complete solution that provides additional data protection with faster backups and bare-metal restore to dissimilar hardware.

Flexibility to protect your PCs

Over 70 percent of data resides outside the data center, so protect your customers desktops and laptops with the same product that is protecting the data on their servers—including bare-metal restore and block-level, infinite, incremental snapshot backups.

Cloud Readiness

With connectors to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Windows Azure™ storage, Backup Manager is ready to support your cloud storage needs.

Backup Manager/Replication

Moving your customer’s backups to an offsite location for disaster recovery purposes can be time-consuming, costly and even risky. Backup Manager | Replication is based on CA Technologies CA ARCserve® REPLICATION R16 and makes moving customers backup’s offsite quick and easy by automating the entire process. Designed work together with the other four Backup Manager solutions or as a stand-alone product it ensures that your customers most critical business data is always up to date, protected and accessible.

Key Features include:

Full System Replication – replicates the operating system, system state, application and data through physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) replication to an offline local or remote Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer virtual server. This feature also makes server migration quick and easy.

Amazon Cloud Integration – enables the use of Amazon’s data center and resources for your Replica servers. Cloud resources can help you replace capital expenditure (CAPEX) with operational expenditure (OPEX) while benefiting from using a remote site with a defined service-level agreement for disaster recovery.

Secure Communication – provides 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption across the network without the need for a virtual private network (VPN) or IPSec tunnel, thereby reducing cost and complexity.

Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster Support – complements a Windows failover cluster with replication to any local or remote site, regardless of distance, for disaster recovery. It also eliminates your storage as a single point of failure. Integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager makes management faster and easier.

VMware VCenter™ Server V4 Support – protects the VMware management system and provides fast recovery.

Application-Aware Replication – means auto-configuration for fast and easy deployment as well as transactional integrity for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint®, Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle and BlackBerry®. It supports Windows, Linux and UNIX file servers.

LAN and WAN optimized replication – for Windows, Linux and UNIX servers, applications and data provides continuous and periodic on-premise and off-premise data protection. LAN and WAN optimized replication simplifies and speeds copying data and backups to an off-site location for disaster recovery.

Virtualized Server Support – a critical component to any virtualized server environment, provides VM-level replication for VMware ESX and VMware vSphere™; Hypervisor and guest-level replication for Microsoft® Hyper-V™, and guest-level replication for Citrix® XenServer. Backup Manager | Replication is a single solution for both physical and virtual servers, delivering the scalability and flexibility you demand.

Data Rewind – provides continuous data protection (CDP) with fast recovery of lost or damaged data and databases, complementing periodic backups and snapshots.

Offline Synchonization – provides an alternative to LAN and WAN synchronization to transfer large Windows-based data sets and databases more easily. With this feature, you can reduce the amount of time for which you are unprotected without impacting network utilization. Using offline synchronization, you can transport a data copy on physical media while replication is underway.

Custom Application Protection – provides a wizard-based tool to create replication and high-availability scenarios for third-party and custom Windows-based applications without having to write scripts in many cases.

Multi-Stream Replication – enables the use of multiple data streams to increase network replication throughput over high-latency WANs.


Backup Manager | Replication gives you data migration and protection capabilities that help you to gain more control over business continuity and disaster recovery strategies for your customers.

> Improve overall system and data protection

> Improve system and data recovery times

> Minimize data loss that causes manual re-entry and downtime

> Virtualize servers with confidence

> Lower overall risk of data loss and downtime

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