Backup and Disaster Recovery

backup and disaster recoveryBackup and Disaster Recovery is important to your business and you cannot afford to have your operations halted for days or weeks due to data loss or corruption.

We include backup and disaster recovery to our Managed IT Services when clients who don't have a solution in place or who don't have a very good system in place. No business should go without backup.

724 uses Veeam as our backup solution. We have used many backup solutions in the past and while some are good and some are bad and some have their short-comings, Veeam is extremely stable and easy to use and is the most reliable. And best of all, "We Manage It For You" and it's not very expensive. In fact if you have an on-site backup and disaster recovery system in place, you may want to consider putting it in the cloud as it's much less expensive and much more reliable. It will save you a lot of money over doing it yourself.

Contact us if you need a backup and disaster recovery solution. 724 Internet Solutions provides Manage IT services for all of Santa Barbara County small businesses and for the Prescott, AZ. surrounding area small businesses.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery services by 724 will prevent permanent data loss that could put you out of business. Don't think it can't happen to you. Natural disasters, age of equipment and human error could permanently cause permanent data loss. Let 724 solve that problem for you with the award winning Veeam backup and disaster recovery solution. Your data will be safe in the cloud guarenteed. Call us today.

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