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724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara County was founded in May, 1996.
Mile High Internet Marketing of Prescott AZ was founded in December 2016.

We specialize in Internet Marketing. Lead Generation, Sales Automation, Digital Marketing, Web and Cloud hosting and Dedicated server hosting.

My name is Ed York, President of 724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara County and Mile High Internet Marketing of Prescott AZ. I live in Prescott AZ. My home town is in Santa Barbara County, CA. Quite a lot of my family live in Santa Barbara county. This is why I mention both locations. We are a small specialized company. I have purposely kept my company small because by doing so I can directly meet my clients and help them 1 on 1 to help their businesses grow. I personally do Internet Marketing Services for small businesses in Prescott, AZ, Santa Barbara County, CA and I can do nationwide too, but the local market is really my focus. I want to help my neighbors and local businesses out and I am pretty good at it. Let me tell you a little about my company.

In the beginning our services included web design, SEO, public and private web hosting and cloud hosting for SharePoint and e-mail services, I started this company in 1996 along with a partner out of a bedroom when the Internet was brand new. As you can see I have been involved in Internet Technologies for a very long time. Over 20 years now. In 1999 we became the go-to company for Microsoft SharePoint and this is what we did for quite a long time. But...

After being in this business a long time I felt that while my company was helping some businesses effectively, we were not helping our clients as much as we could. We were not really helping our clients grow very much. It was around the beginning of 2012 I decided to sit down and brain storm how I can help my customers better. I wanted to help them grow and explode their sales. Because if my clients are happy, it makes me happy. Now we still do web hosting. My team and I are experts in SharePoint. We are experts in IT and dedicated server hosting and we have happy clients worldwide in fact.

Enter todays world.. 

I personally spend most of my time meeting with local business owners to help them grow their businesses and help them explode their sales by up to 5 times. It's what I like to do. My IT guy Gabriel manages the web hosting and IT aspect of the business. But rest assured, if you call my company I am the one that will answer the phone. And I do not use any auto-attendant anymore so there are no phone menus to manage through. I love talking to my clients.

These are my goals to help my clients.

  • Remain a small local company. This allows me to spend more time helping my clients and allows me to get to know my clients.
  • Build my clients a revenue generating machine to help their businesses grow. I want to get my clients more Sales.!
  • Promote my clients so their sales continue to grow year, after year, after year.
  • Keep my clients happy. Because when they are happy, I am a better person and I am happy.

We as a small business company, focusing on our professional skills of over 20 years in the industry from web hosting to IT services to Internet Marketing allows us to help small businesses grow. Our Web Design department focuses on Web Design. Our SEO department works close with our web developers to optimize websites so they convert to sales. Our SEO department also focuses on reputation management and will get your site out there and exposed for all to easily find. Our expert web hosting department focuses on our clients computer networks to maintain them for optimum performance and they work close with out managed IT department to help our small business clients manage and maintain their own on-site systems.

Our Marketing and Promotion Department which I, myself, Ed York oversees helps businesses grow their revenue using various proven and predictable techniques using highly effective, traffic converting website design, exceptional and proper search engine optimization, organic traffic and lead generation, sales automation systems and digital marketing through paid advertising such as Facebook, Linked-In and AdWords and other sources..

724 Internet Solution of Santa Barbara County and Mile High Internet Marketing of Prescott AZ is a privately owned service company with offices in both Lompoc, CA. and Prescott, AZ. We are and have been a U.S. company since 1996. Family owned and operated here in the United States and Incorporated in California. 

Our specialty is Quality and Dependable service with the best technical support possible. All of our customers are very happy with our services and especially our technical support and direct out-reach.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website. Notice that it is optimized for SEO and conversion. Look at it on your cell phone and you will see what we mean. It's not real jazzy, but it converts traffic into leads and customers, And we will do the same for your business. Contact us today.


Edward York Jr. - Co-founder and President. - Sales and Marketing
Edward has worked in the electronics and computer industry 20+ years. Even before the Internet was born. In 1994 when the Internet was born, Edward harnessed his knowledge to build 724 Internet Solutions with his partner Dan Thompson. Dan left the company back in 2007 but Edward continues 724 Internet Solutions and Mile High Internet Marketing for the benefit of small businesses in the Santa Barbara County and Prescott AZ areas and even our national customers. Too many businesses struggle and have no idea what to do to conduct business online. 724 is here to solve those problems and we are good at what we do.

Gabriel DeLaPena - Sr. IT Engineer (Partner)
Gabriel joined 724 in 2007 as a consultant to manage 724's IT systems. Gabriel, being MSCE certified has over 20 years experience with computer and networking technology. Cisco certified, Sonicwall certified, IBM certified and VMware certified, Gabriel is the best IT guy we have ever known. His loyal dedication to the welfare of our clients are beyond compare. Gabriel is our go-to guy whenever something breaks. Gabriel also does a lot of our Manage IT Services for our clients in the California location from Santa Barbara county south to San Diego, CA.

Kyle York - Web Designer Apprentice
Kyle is the oldest son of  the company owner, Edward York. Kyle is 19. He is still learning web design, but Kyles dedication overcomes his lack of ability. Kyle is learning the job as he goes under close supervision. He is also taking classes in web design. Kyle, while young is progressing and we anticipate he has a long future with 724 if he doesn't become a rock star first. Kyle enjoys playing his U.S. made Fender Stratocaster guitar and Jimi Hendrix is his favorite musician. 

Ed York Sr - Accounting
Ed Sr is the father of Edward, the company owner. He was educated in Criminal Justice. Ed Sr. is retired from the U.S. Prison system in Lompoc CA as a unit manager and worked 10 years for the Lompoc PD. Ed Sr. handles the company accounting and client billing part-time.


The other 2 members of our staff has their photos pending. Coming soon.

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