Why Most Online Marketing Fails & Why You Should Trust Me To Handle It For You.

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Good day all, Ed York here. This is part 1 of my series of why traditional online marketing fails and why you should hire me to do it for you.

But first a very brief history of what I do. “I help Realtors and Chiropractors  obtain more clients using proven, predictable online marketing Techniques”. Please remember and “understand” what I just said here because it will allow you to understand later why traditional methods fail.

The most common objection I get in this industry goes something like the following.
“I have hired online marketers in the past, over and over again and it never brought me more clients. It just cost me a lot of money”.

There is a very good reason why they failed you. Actually there are many reasons why. Let me go over them right now.

  • Did you try to go cheap and just pay someone over in the country of India or some other fly-by-night country $150 per month to do SEO for you? If so then that is the first problem.
  • Understand that what many call “SEO, does not work” by itself. Unless you have a very specialized product or service. Why you may ask? The short answer is because “google makes it very difficult to get listed high in the results and two, your message is wrong.”
  • Did the marketing company or individual you hired in the past “specialize” in your exact industry? Eg. “Chiropractic”, “Realtor” – The fact is that nobody can specialize in everything. Every industry is different. This would be like hiring a roofer to do your plumbing for you. It does not work with any quality. To be effective you must hire the specialist in your exact industry. Only those who specialize in the your industry has the experience to give you the success you are expecting. Chiropractors and Realtors are my specialty areas.
  • Did you just throw up any old website and hope for the best? A website is important, but with advertising you never want to send those who search for you to your website. This is an absolute no-no. First you are not capturing leads to convert them to clients. Second, most websites don’t show up well at first glance. They are too busy and people only spend a few seconds on your page. If they do not see what they want in 3 seconds, they are gone.

So now you have heard of the basics why traditional online marketing fails. I could probably go on and on with dozens of other reasons, but I think I have touched on the top reasons.

So what is the solution? Why should you hire me instead? 

Reason #1  – I specialize in one thing. I have mastered and tested what it takes to help “chiropractors” get more clients. My secondary specialty I am working on is to help “Realtors” get more listings.


Reason #2 – I have 18 years in the IT and online Internet industry and I literally have spent tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time to master the skills required to make my clients succeed.


Reason #3 – I do not do SEO. Not myself anyways, I have another employees who does the SEO. What I do personally and do well is target your potential clients using language which will “get them to click your ad before they click your competitors” And when they do they will see a precise message and they will call you immediately.


Reason #4 – I create a sales and marketing funnel for you so in addition to getting clients to call you immediately, I also capture their contact information so you can continue to market to them. Even if they do not become a client right away, you have the means to convert them to a client later.


Reason #5 – I do not waste your money. I do not just throw up any ad and pray for the best.  I know what people searching for a chiropractor are looking for. I know they are in pain. I know their pain because I have degenerative disk disease myself and can relate to those in pain. I know how to reach those types of people. I test every ad I place, and I test many at one time and analyze the traffic to each of them and I know what works and what is not working. I continuously even to this day, analyze variations of ads to improve the results further.


Reason #6 – Results never come cheap! You can’t compare a Ferarri with a Toyota. You have to spend money to make money. My proven system will result in a net cost of -$0. The more you spend, the more $$$ you make. For example, answer this question. Would you spend $5000 to make $10000? I am certain every single one of you reading this would trade $5000 for $10000 in a millisecond. Don’t worry! “I do not charge $5000 for my services”. This was just an example to allow you to see the logic here.


Reason #7 – The Truth! Everyone wants the truth! Right? Every single one of you reading this could do all this yourself and succeed “If you knew how to do it and if you had the time to do it.” I provide a valuable service. I work for you. This is a “I do it all for you service”. But I must warn you. WARNING: “Do not take what I just told you in this blog post and try to fill in the gaps and do this all yourself, unless you have spent the 100+ hours to master it yourself. There is much more to being successful in online marketing than you realize. You will just end up flushing thousands of dollars down the drain with little if any results.”


Reason #8 – You are exclusive to me. Once I help a chiropractor or realtor in one city, I will not help another one of your competitors in the same city do the same thing. That will not help you and it will not give me credibility. After all, my job is to bring you more clients. Not your competitors.

In Conclusion: I am offering everyone in the chiropractic industry  or real estate industry a 1 time very special offer from now until February 17th 2017 only. “Your first month is Free!”

That’s right, I will do all of this for you FREE for the first month only. This will prove to you that I am a legitimate. That I know what I am doing, and it allows you to make some money before you have to pay me.

Conditions on my offer:  Yes there are a few conditions.

  1. You and I must be a good fit to do business together. I do not just help everyone. The relationship I have with my clients is extremely important to me and I will not jeopardize that.
  2. You must act Fast. Once I help one chiropractor or realtor in your city, the offer is closed to others in your city.
  3. You must act Fast. Yes I know I said that already, but you only have until February 17th 2017 to contact me and book your spot.

How to contact me.

1. You may call me direct at 928-351-1341

2. You may email me at eyork@724mediagroup.com to schedule a time to talk.

2. You may make an appointment on my online calendar at your convenience and I will call you at that time. Here is the link to my calendar. https://mediaconsultinggroup.agilecrm.com/calendar/edward_v_york


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Ed York
Digital Marketer for Chiropractors and Realtors