What we do

724 is one of the oldest Hosted Services and IT Service providers. In business since 1996 when the Internet was brand new and still around today over 20+ years later, 724 continues to provide the best professional services around the world. Hosting SharePoint since 1999, we are the experts in that field. 724 being the 1st hosted service provider to run multi-redundant IBM blade servers and VMware virtual servers also makes 724 experts in that field. No other company compares for expertise, performance and expert technical support and customer satisfaction.

A Review Of Our Internet Marketing Solutions

  • Web Design, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We create lead generation machines for small businesses. Including WordPress website design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), reputation management, content marketing, social media optimization, newsletter generation, video production, and email list management systems to help small business clients grow. We primarily work with local area businesses but we also help businesses nationwide.
  • Digital Marketing, Sales Automation: Most businesses have no idea how to market online in todays digital world. We are here to fix that problem most small businesses face with our professional “Do It For You” Internet Digital Marketing services. We create sales automation systems and lead generation for small businesses who want to grow their lead generation machine by 5 to 10x. We are Facebook and Adword experts in the digital advertising world. Online advertising done right! We can get your Santa Barbara County business $1.00 leads guaranteed.
  • Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, eCommerce, and Office 365: Since 1999 724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara County has been in business since 1999 provided web hosting services such as dedicated server hosting, e-commerce solutions, WordPress hosting, Lead Page hosting, MS Exchange hosting, SharePoint hosting and now Office 365.
  • Managed Solutions: It Services, Security Services, Network Administration, Data Backup: We take the frustration out of managed services with no price gouging to manage your small business’s phone, printers and computer network systems. Dedication, Reliability, Results.

Hosted Professional Cloud and Managed Hosting Solutions

724 Internet Solutions is a cloud hosting and IT services provider, providing business services for small, medium and large businesses around the world.

Our core business model includes Hosted SharePoint, Hosted Project Server and Hosted Exchange services to make your business easier to manage.  Get on board with “business essentials” such as updating your website to become search engine friendly, CRM to manage your clients, SharePoint and Office 365 to manage your document libraries, Business Class email for high reliability messaging, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, Facebook and Adword advertising, news letter generation, sales video production and so much more.  These business essentials are critical” to your business growth.

Internet Marketing Services

Your money making machine is waiting for you.  Most new and many existing businesses have no idea what it takes to be successful online in today’s Internet world. Gone are the days of just getting listed in the local Yellow Pages. Gone are the days of using direct mailings and coupon catalogs. Those methods used to work well 10 years ago. Not anymore. Now days if someone needs your service they pickup their cell phones and Google it. And if your business is not there in the search engine listing then your customers can’t find you and you are “losing sales to your competition”. You don’t like that!

724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara county provides web site design, SEO, Reputation Management, Social media optimization, Analysis and reporting and so much more. We want your business to succeed and make a lot of money. We will help you with that.

Our unique approach utilizes the tried and true, proven methods used by the big companies around the world to reach out to your customers, retain them and market to them. 724 has learned what the big players have known for years. Utilizing our expert tools and advice will increase your sales and revenue by 200% up to 1000% in just 90 to 180 days.

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Managed IT Professional Services

There are critters running around your network. Most business owners wait far too long to update their computer networks health and security whch in the end cause work stoppage and days to recover and can cost thousands to get back up and running. Slow computers, faulty applications and faulty hardware slows your business efficiency in it’s tracks. How are you going to get any work done with that?  Let 724 become your IT maintenance personal and start saving now. Anti-spam, Anti-virus, network management, computer management and repair, printer maintenance and repair, VOIP maintenance. Data backup and more are all critical to “business efficiency”.

Let 724 remotly manage your internal systems for top performance, security and business efficiency.

Why 724?

Experience. MCSE Certified Engineers. Microsoft Hosting Partner offering Hosted Services since 1996.

Committed to support. Through phone, e-mail and our guaranteed same day technical support.

Our hardware and uptime reliability. High Availability IBM systems feature state of the Art, fully redundant IBM blade servers with VMware based management for.automatic fail-over. What this means for you is maximum uptime and reliability and performance.