Video Survellience Systems

Obtaining a video surveillance solution for your home or business has never been easier. Utilizing Axis Communications’ IP cameras, IvedaXpress is powerful, yet easy to set up and use.

The system combines the performance of an enterprise class system with the simplicity of “Plug & Play” technology. From one camera at home to hundreds around the world, each camera can be accessed from one secure login from any Internet-enabled device; anywhere

A three step installation process makes this video surveillance solution a snap.

Just buy an IvedaXpress-enabled Axis camera and sign up for a service plan. When you get your camera, plug it into an outlet, connect to the Internet, register online, and begin watching live and archived video. No DVRs, no network configuration, no IT support required. It’s that simple!

All data is recorded to our server farm in the cloud and can be viewed from any internet browser or wireless device. Your video is accessible 24/7 from any Internet-enabled device and web browser by multiple simultaneous authorized users.
Choose your choice of cameras:

* Stationary wireless interior
* Panning Outdoor
* Ceiling mount wireless interior

724 Networks provides sales nationwide and provides installation and service within Santa Barbara County, California. Note: If you are outside Santa Barbara county you have the choice of either installing the cameras yourself which is very simple or we can put you in touch with a local handyman who can install them for you. 724 provides 24/7 technical support for all issues that you may encounter.

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