Superior IT Managementting

Cost of ownership of your corporate IT infrastructure. We accomplish this through our years of industry insight and our staff of IT consultants, and utilization of virtualization systems to reduce the cost and complexity and increase the availability of your IT systems.

724 Internet Solutions proposes replacing your current system support consultant with our Manged services offering that provides:


• Automated 7×24 system monitoring tool.
• Dedicated high level network engineers.
• Highest availability of system support.
• Automated alerting with automated trouble ticket creation.
• Online trouble ticket portal and resolution escalation system.
• Dedicated and Secondary engineers assigned to your account assuring you that you will always have a technician available to attend to any system server needs.
• Online graphical systems dashboard for monitoring system status.
• Online help desk portal that will allow you to view the resolution of any system issues as well as create and generate your own work orders.
• The OSI team will generate a monthly report for your review of what has been occurring to your IT systems and the tasks done to resolve the issue including generating knowledge base of tasks for future reference.

Fully duplicated, 24×7 operation centers

724 MANAGED SERVICES maintains two, fully duplicated operation centers, separated by 270 miles (435 km), to provide unmatched resiliency and fail-safe continuity even in the event of a disaster. Further, 724 MANAGED SERVICES uses IBM business intelligence tools to analyze customer demand flow, so we can ensure the centers are staffed with technical and engineering personnel who have the experience and background to act on your requirements when they’re most needed.

Automated tools and processes

724 MANAGED SERVICES excels at developing automated service delivery solutions. We have expanded the definition of automated processes to include the complete provisioning and application of the ITIL framework to our services. This provides more reliable, auditable, and faster resolution of problems for your business.

Intelligent web portal

With 724 MANAGED SERVICES, your business can access reports and system data via online web consoles. These tools provide you with interactive reporting and data analysis capabilities, so you can understand and address their infrastructure problems quickly and effectively.

Efficiently manage and protect your IT infrastructure – networks, servers, applications, and IP telephony

Ensure your IT infrastructure is designed to provide optimum availability and cost effectiveness for your requirements

Detect and prevent unauthorized intrusions into your IT infrastructure

Implement measures to help you comply with credit card and government regulatory requirements

Provide resources to respond to emergency situations

In today’s world, business-process improvement, competitive advantage, and business success are built on IT infrastructure. But to realize the benefits, business IT systems must be managed cost-effectively and efficiently. That’s hard to do with the rapid changes, complex interactions, IT security threats, and day-to-day demands of running a business successfully.

For these reasons and more, businesses and enterprises are turning to 724 MANAGED SERVICES for help. 724 MANAGED SERVICES solutions enable you to leverage their business technology assets for competitive advantage. Because 724 MANAGED SERVICES provides you with effective and efficient end-to-end surveillance, management and analysis over the entire IT infrastructure – including networks, servers, and applications.

724 MANAGED SERVICES solutions enable you to have a single-point-of-contact for infrastructure management, and to treat their IT system as it’s meant to be: an integrated, coherent, system; not a collection of disjointed components.

With superior customized reporting tools, secure web-based surveillance console, and ability to monitor your entire IT infrastructure 24X7, 724 MANAGED SERVICES delivers flexibility, reliability, and extensibility for IT performance management and analysis.