Reputation Management

Nearly 75% of all customers check online reviews before buying and most of all customers say that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions. In the competitive market of online services and products being offered by just about everyone, this is only getting to get more and more important over time and review sites are increasingly improving their standards and credibility. So why should any business leave their online reputation to chance? If you are interested in growing your business through online lead generation, it's crucial that have to make reputation management a priority.

They key to a successful online reputation strategy is being proactive and not waiting for customers to talk about you in a positive way, but instead approaching your customers directly in a thoughtful, caring matter. Many of your clients will be happy to help say a few nice words about you online if you have provided them excellent service. The key here is to reach out to your customers and make it easy for them to leave a review or testimonial. Remember most business owners are busy running their business so make it easy and quick for them to do. This is another reason why it's so important to have a mailing list of your customers and why you should be reaching out to them at least on a monthly basis.

In addition to online reviews, testimonials should be a large part of reputation management. There are many ways to improve your testimonial strategy. Did you know that testimonials with a photo of the customer is much more effective than testimonials simply written out and that video testimonials are even better? But what are your chances of getting a video testimonial without your help? Probably not very good. Remember your customers are busy. But if you arrange everything for them to make it easy then your chances are much higher. Try reaching out to your customers through a phone call or email and be courteous. People are people. Most of your customers are just like you are so realize that.

Review Management

So what do you do if your business has negative reviews online already? How is best way to handle those occurrences? When a bad review gets placed about your business for the world to see, it can be very emotional, but it happens to even the most well run companies. You can't please everyone. They own their thoughts, reactions, and beliefs. So instead of feeling stressed and frustrated, try not to overreact and address the bad review quickly and professionally. As long as you keep your positive review to negative review ratio high, you will be in good shape and will shine because your business will showcase how on top of things you are and how you take all comments, good or bad, to heart and care about your customers. However, if you let these negative reviews go unanswered, like many businesses do, it will hurt your lead generation process.

724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara County has programs in place that accomplish all of the above with little effort from the client.

  1. Automatic Review Monitoring: 724 uses scan tools that check the Internet continuously to alert you if a bad review occurs so you can respond to it.
  2. Automatic Review Generation: 724 will automate your review generation and whenever a customer buys from you, that customer will automatically be emailed an email asking them for a review.

We assist you in maintaining communication with existing clients through newsletters, email and by phone to obtain their feedback, and get them to enthusiastically assist you in your lead generation process. These are highly effective strategies that Google and other search engines likes to see and your potential customers are persuaded heavily by the search engines. When a bad reviews about your business take place online, we get notified and in turn, notify you so you can do something about it quickly.

Don’t leave your online strategies to chance and random results. Take command and control of your online presence.

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