Prescott Web Design and SEO : Free Web Sites (you build it) vs Paid Web Sites (we do it for you), What’s the difference?

Welcome to another blog post by Mile High Internet Marketing, Web Design and SEO of Prescott Az.Today I will be discussing the difference between Free (do it yourself) Vs Paid (we do it for you) web design and SEO services.

What’s the difference??  For a professional who knows what they are doing there is little difference. But for most people, 90% of people who own businesses the difference is like comparing oranges to apples.Everyone who has browsed around the Internet knows first hand that ads pop up all the time in your web browser and your email with a similar advertisement that goes something like this. ” Come claim your free website, choose from hundreds of templates”. or “SEO in a box. Our software makes SEO an easy do it yourself process.”The TRUTH!! There is no such thing as SEO in a box. No software can predict your unique business, your unique market and your unique customers. Every single website which I perform web design and SEO is different because all businesses are different.What’s wrong with a free website you may ask?? The TRUTH!! If you just want a web site to show off to your family and friends, then sure, go ahead and go get your free website. But if you actually want to earn an income from your website then FREE is not the thing do do. Why? WHAT GOOD IS A WEB SITE SITTING ALL PRETTY IF IT BRINGS YOU NO REVENUE BECAUSE NOBODY CAN FIND YOU?

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There are many aspects to consider in selling online whether it be your services or your products.

  1. Is your website mobile device friendly? If not then you are losing 45% of your traffic  = LOST SALES!
  2. is your phone number big and clickable at the top of your web page? If not then = LOST SALES
  3. Is the top 1/3 of your page a picture, video or sliding widget? If so = LOST SALES
  4. Does the opening sentence of your website tell an exact message of what you do? If not = LOST SALES
  5. Did you optimize your website pages for search engine indexing?
  6. Did you optimize every page on your website?
  7. Do you know what key words are the top ones for your service or product?
  8. Are you staying up with SEO changes weekly as the search engines change?
  9. Do you know how to use search engine web master tools?
  11. Are you using Testimonial pages?
  12. Are you using blog posts?
  13. Are you using social media?
  15. Is your site readable in low light conditions?
  16. Is it readable in mobile devices such as your iPhone?
  17. Have you created backlinks to your website from all the online directories?
  18. Do you know your online business reputation?

You see you cannot just put up a web site and sell products and services without doing everything correctly.At Mile High Internet Marketing of Prescott AZ, we do it all. We will help you grow your online sales big time. 2 to 5x and sometimes more.

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