Overview of scalable cloud environments


A private cloud is a scalable cloud environment providing the agility and efficiency of a public cloud built on infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization. It can be hosted in your own data center, in a partner data center, or at 724.

Private clouds are ideal when you need to accelerate innovation, have large compute and storage requirements, or have very strict control, security, and compliance needs.

We offer a complete open-source Cloud Software, that you’re welcome to use at no cost and Microsoft software packages available at substantially less tcost than it would be to the general industry. And to help make your private cloud deployment successful, we’re here to help. We offer a training and certification program, managed services, and support options to help you as you build your private cloud.

Software built on cloud operations expertise

724’s cloud based on open source and Microsoft platforms. The lessons we learn, we feed back into the configuration and tuning of our Cloud Software solutions.

Access to cloud operations experts

Benefit from the deep operations expertise we gained building the 724 Cloud. Take our experience running clouds at scale, and apply it directly to your private cloud. Read about available service levels.

We know your environment

We can work with you to design, deploy, and operate your cloud on-premise, so we always know the intricacies of your environments and the best and fastest way to address any issues that may arise.

Cloud specialists scaling with you

Focus your time and energy on growing your business while we focus on running your cloud. We have the dedicated teams with DevOps experience and skills you need to run your private cloud at scale, so you don’t have to.