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sales2Most new and many existing businesses have no idea what it takes to be successful online in today’s Internet world. Gone are the days of just getting listed in the local Yellow Pages. Gone are the days of using direct mailings and coupon catalogs. Those methods used to work well 10 years ago. Not anymore. Now days if someone needs your service they pickup their cell phones and Google it. And if your business is not there in the search engine listing then your customers can’t find you. Also gone are  the days of just getting listed in Google.. Believe it! Even if you are near the top and can be found by your potential clients, are you getting them to call you? What are you doing to entice potential clients to buy from you? Are you tracking your visitors? Do you know their names and email address? If you are saying NO then why aren’t you? How are you going to reach out to those potential customers for continued business if you are not doing that?   Meet 724 Media Consulting Group. Our unique approach utilizes the tried and true, proven methods used by the big companies around the world to reach out to your customers, retain them and market to them. 724 has learned what the big players have known for years. Utilizing our expert tools and advice will increase your sales and revenue by 200% up to 1000% in just 90 to 180 days. Call us Today! 805-740-6163.

Notice: This page does not due our marketing process justice. Really it does’t. Go ahead and click that Orange button below. See the process yourself and get our FREE 14 point report on how to increase sales right now.


How can 724 Help your Business?

  • Building your mailing list
  • Reaching out to your current and past customers
  • Listing in the search engines “correctly” for the greatest effect
  • Using Social Media to drive your sales
  • Using proven postal mail solutions
  • Automating your sales and marketing
  • Using Joint Venture marketing
  • The list goes on…. These are just some of the methods we use to promote businesses.

The Truth Is that Unless You Know All of The New Age marketing Techniques Proven By The Professionals, YOU are LOSING Business!



List Building

How To Get Over hundreds of New Email Subscribers Per Day, Without Spamming People, Or Spending Money Out of Pocket… Alright, so you’ve probably noticed that the most successful entrepreneurs out there today, all have one thing in common… They all have a huge social media audience or email list… So why is building a large audience or email list such a big priority?
Because it’s the modern day version of a distribution network.

If you have a product you’d like to sell, there’s no need to get it into a retail store or buy television ads. You can simply send an email to your readers. “Unfortunately, most new entrepreneurs, haven’t figured out how to build a large email list QUICKLY.”
When it comes to getting traffic and building a list, there is the amateur way, and the professional way… Amateurs try to build their lists by spamming their social media feeds, or writing blog posts that no one will ever read.  Lots of effort, for very little results.

On the other hand, professionals advertise. They buy their traffic and put their products in front of the right people at scale.
This is how my company produces hundreds of new email subscribers per day.  Now I know what you’re probably thinking… “Advertising sounds great, but expensive…” Actually the opposite is true. We don’t spend a dime out of pocket for our ads. In fact, the more we advertise, the more revenue we make. 100% of our marketing ends up being completely free.



How to automate your marketing and promotion

Use the tools of the trade! You could use a hammer to build a house and take 6 months to frame it or you could use a nail gun and do it in 1/10th the time.  Using the correct tools properly not only saves time, but automation, when used correctly can be even more effective actually saving our customers time and money. At 724 Media Consulting Group, we take all the guess work out of the equasion. We do all this for you. Leaving you to manage your everyday business.


How to use social media to gain new customers on a budget.

Twitter and Facebook can be very effective tools if you know how to use them and if you prepare ahead of time to use them. If you are not prepared you will LOSE MONEY! You don’t want that. 724 Media Consulting Group does use social media effectively and it has an overall effective cost of $0. Let us prove it to you. If after 90 days your net effective cost is not $0 then we will refund your money.

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