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724 Internet Solution’s Hosted PBX provides an enterprise-grade phone system that’s delivered via the cloud. It lowers the costs of your phone system, provides features that make every employee more effective, and ensures a worry-free experience that keeps you focused on business. Best of all, Hosted PBX keeps pace with your business as it changes and grows.

Key benefits of Hosted PBX include:

Fortune 500-style calling features like Find Me/Follow Me, automated attendant, voicemail-to-email, and many more A powerful web-based control panel that simplifies management and scaling. Unlimited calling to the US and Canada. Monthly pricing starting at $38.00/user (Free Phone)

SAAS ServicesHosted PBX also comes bundled with our Conference Calling service. With this service, you can get multiple people on the phone at the same time—without reservations. We even offer 500 free minutes per user for the first month.

The cloud means mobility Because it’s based in the cloud, Hosted PBX makes you far more mobile. It lets you make and receive calls using laptops or mobile devices just as easily as with desktop phones. No matter where you are, you can call anyone using your office phone number or extension.

Preserve your capital and lower your expenses Hosted PBX cuts both your startup and operational costs, especially when compared to an on-premise phone system. There’s no software to buy, no wiring to install, and no capital to invest beyond the cost of the phones themselves. A flat monthly per-user fee gives you unlimited calling in the US and Canada.

Harness Fortune 500-style features Hosted PBX provides a rich set of features that help both staff and administrators do their jobs better.

An automated attendant answers calls to make a professional first impression Use hunt groups to route calls to groups of people, ensuring the call is answered Improve employee productivity with features like Find Me/Follow Me and voicemail-to-email Give each employee a unique conference calling passcode and 500 free minutes of conference calling for the first month of service For administrators, Hosted PBX simplifies management and scaling while still offering granular levels of control.


Download the technical whitepaper.
Download the phone choices brochure. (The Cisco 303 is the free phone)


The system will be shipped to you pre-configured. All you need to do is plug in the phones. If your home or office is located on the central coast of California then we do offer on-site installation services which will truley give you a hands off approach. We know you are busy running your business so if you prefer we install it for you then contact us for a quote. Phone: 805-740-6163.

Hosted PBX (per user)

Hosted PBX Additional Phone Numbers (per number)

Hosted PBX Toll-free numbers (per number)

Hosted PBX: Addt’l Hunt Group (per group; 10 included)

Additional Automated Attendant (multi-level) (per Auto Attendant; 1 included)

Hosted PBX: Click-to-Call

Hosted PBX: Order pre-configured Phones

Unlimited Conference Bridges (per conf bridge)

Pay-per-use Conference Bridges (per conf bridge)

$35.00/mo. : $30.00 one time setup fee.

The $35.00 fee consists of a $15.00 user fee + per user Voice Services Telco charges.
Voice Services Telco charges include: $20 + addt’l international calling charges + federal/state & local taxes


$4.50 + inbound usage ($0.045/min)
100 free minutes/month




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To place an order, please contact support at 1-866-740-6163,

$33.00 + toll-free dial-in additional ($0.045/min)

$8.00 conference bridge fee + per bridge Voice Services Telco charges.
Voice Services Telco charges include: $25 + addt’l international calling charges + federal/state & local taxes

No monthly fee + Voice Services Telco charges

Voice Services Telco charges include: $0.02/min (local dial-in) or $0.045/min (toll-free dial-in) + federal/state & local taxes
500 free local dial-in minutes/first month

all us for questions. 866-740-6163