9 Essential Tools Every Business Needs To Generate 2 to 5x Sales.

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Hello, Ed York here of 724 Internet Solutions.

Today I want to discuss with you the 9 “Essential” tools every business needs to be successful and drive sales by 2 to 5x. You see, 6 months ago 724 decided to do some research on what businesses need most and what are they frustrated over the most.  We wanted to know their frustrations and what keep them up at night with their businesses. So we decided to reach out to them and ask. We called nearly 100 businesses  all across America,  from many different fields and asked them. We listened closely and jotted down our notes and compiled our results.

Here Are The TOP 5 Frustrations Reported To Us!

  1. Generating leads and sales to increase revenue.
  2. Creating better efficiency with less time wasted.
  3. Organization and document management.
  4. Cutting waste from their operating budget
  5. Securing their employees behavior (too much internet use)

It was at this point we took this data and we sat down and brain stormed to find out how we can help these businesses with their frustrations  to make them more profitable and more efficient in their operations.

What we decided to do was to focus on points 1, 2, &3. It’s this area we felt we could help companies the most. So we went to work some more. Now at this point, we decided not to focus so much on points 4 and 5 even though we already have a solution for point 4 and have been providing solutions for that for years.  And we have ideas on how to solve point 5 which is a very valid point by the way, which we still plan to solve at a later time.

So we decided to focus on frustrations 1, 2 and 3. We spent nearly the past 6 months conducting research and testing and spent considerable money and man hours testing various tools and applications and learning and testing some more and putting various tools and applications into practice. Fast forward to 2017 and we are happy to announce we have solved the the top 3 frustrations. And it’s a solution we believe everybody will love because the best part about this solution is that businesses don’t have to get technical and spend a lot of time learning new applications and tools and don’t have to allocate all their time in their own research. We did all the research for them. We tested it all for them. And lastly we decided that “We Are Going To Do It For Them”!

Introducing 724’s Brand New  Business Solutions

We have packaged and integrated together 9 essential tools and applications that solve the 3 biggest frustrations most businesses have. And placed them into our “Do It For You” solution package.

Here is a 24 minute video where I tell you exactly what it is and how to implement it for free!

Let me discuss the tools and applications with you.
It starts with their business website so keep reading..

  • A WordPress website – Did you know Google ranks you higher in their search engine by using WordPress? Did you know that a website is only as good as it’s designer who is trained in proper SEO? Now we hate to burst everyones bubble but 90% of all websites out their on the web are not optimized for traffic, leads and sales generation. So 724 decided to fix this for businesses.
    We decided to include design of a  “properly configured WordPress website optimized for SEO and search engine placement. Now not everyone will need a whole new site. Some may just need a good editor. But we have included a new WordPress website up to 10 pages into this solutions package.
  • Office 365 in the cloud– Includes SharePoint, Exchange messaging and Lync. SharePoint is the application used to stay organized and for document sharing and management. Exchange for rock-solid email and Lync for conferencing and meeting management.
  • CRM – Every business will benefit with a good CRM. You can’t effectively keep track of sales and automate the process without it. It is an essential element for all successfull businesses.
    Features: Create integrated forms forms to put on websites, generate leads, organize contacts, know what the status of those contacts are, create email funnels, email follow-up, and so much more. A CRM is essential to the success of most any business.
  • Social Media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube,  Google Plus. If you do not have social media for your business, then you are losing sales1 PERIOD! And if you do have social media, have you built them out correctly? Are you posting to them effectivly? We build all these out for you if you don’t already have them, and if you do have them we will optimize them for you.
  • Quarterly promotional video. We will create a quarterly promotional video for you.  This is essential to keep your data fresh for optimum sales conversion. Just tell us what your message is and we do it. You can place your video anywhere and everywhere. In fact we will even put it up on your website or landing pages for you.
  • Mailing List – Now a mailing list is “The #1 Most Important” piece of your business. The reason? Clients who are your customers already or clients who have opted into your mailing list and see your promotions are 50% more likely to buy again. We build this out for you and automate it and generate leads for you. If you already have a mailing list then we will optimize it for you or replace it with one that works as it should. Then when you have a new product or service to offer you simply need to send an email.
  • Monthly news letter. A must to convert sales. Did you know it takes an average of 9 times seeing something before the average human being acts on it? We have included this into our package. Just tell us the content periodically of what message you want to send to your customers and we will compose it and do it for you.
  • Complete SEO Services – No business can effectively operate without effective SEO. Now SEO is not what it used to be. It’s much more than just getting listed in the search engines. We optimize every aspect of your marketing material to get the highest sales conversion possible, including properly formatting your website and landing pages, content writing, reviews, and more. Warning: Be very careful on what you think SEO is. If you think you can hire someone from overseas for $100 per month to do SEO for you, then you don’t have SEO. We will talk about that in the future if you like.
  • Integration – We integrate everything together for you so it flows smoothly and converts sales into Money!
  • POINT 9 – (Optional) but *essential* for 2 to 5x and even 10x growth. This is the “Digital Marketing” part of the 724 Solution. Now if you just implemented points 1 through 8, you will increase sales. Generaly by 2 times within 6 months. But why do that and take 6 months when 724 can do POINT 9 for you and get you 2x to 5x to even 10x sales in 30 to 45 days. 724’s Digital Marketing solution includes a complete marketing and lead generation funnel. It also includes expert ad creation and management. Ed at 724 has cracked the code when it comes to social media marketing.

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