100% Results Guaranteed

Our 100% Results Guarantee.

You see we will not take on a job for a client that we are not  certain we can get satisfied results for. We will turn down the job first! You see we understand the frustration many people have when they buy something. There are a lot of rip-off artist out there who will just take your money with nothing in return. This is not our way. We are here to help you and your business grow.  We have been in business over 20 years when the Internet was brand new. We know the Internet. This is our 100% Results Guarantee.

Our Guarantee: If we take a job and we cannot get you the results you expected then we will cut you a check for up to $1000.00 or up to the amount you paid us, whichever situation that may occur.
Now this is 100% guaranteed providing you follow our method and advice.
If we tell you or advise you that something needs to be done or changed and you decide to go against our advice then the guarantee is void.
And you have to follow-up on your leads. We track everything. We know how many people click on your site pages. We know how long they stay for. We know if they fill out a form, etc. We can only bring you leads. We can't convert the lead into a sale for you. That is your job.

We know how to get our clients increased leads and sales. This is why we can offer such a guarantee. Because if we fail you, we look bad and you are unhappy so if we fail we will cut you a check up to $1000. We take this responsibility serious.

I Edward York, president of 724 made a pact with God once which I still follow to this day. "I will never take a dollar I did not earn". And to this day I have followed this pact. I will not veer. I will not fail.

Ed York Jr.
724 Internet Solutions of Santa Barbara
Mile High Internet Marketing of Prescott.